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Capitec Bank
South African retail bank offering affordable banking services including loans and savings accounts.
http://www.capitecbank.co.za View page
A South African Retail Bank | Capitec Bank | Capitec Bank is a retail bank in South Africa that provides its clients with banking products that will save them both money and time. Find out more.

China Construction Bank - Johannesburg Banch
Commercial and Investment banking to foster trade between Southern Africa and China.
http://www.ccbjhb.com View page
Welcome I China Construction Bank | Corporate Banking, Products, Services, Call Loans and Deposits, Fixed Loans and Deposits, Syndication, Customer Foreign Currency Accounts, Bond Investment, Transfers Inwards, Transfers Outwards, Import Letters of Credit, Export Letters of Credit, Import C

Credit Card Application
A creditit card information resource.
http://www.creditcardapplication.co.za View page
Credit Card Applications - Credit Card Application South Africa - Credit Card Applications South Africa Compare Credit Cards - Credit Card Application South Africa | Credit Cards and Store Cards being offered by all the major banks, financial institutions, airlines, and major retail organisations and cellphone companies it is difficult to choose the right Credit Card

Direct Transact Pty Ltd
A financial service provider for EFT, Card and ATM transactions using Postilion Software and an advanced EFT file switching system.
http://www.directtransact.co.za View page

We specialize in high volume debit order processing at a cost effective price.
http://www.flexidebit.co.za View page

FX Capital
A registered financial services provider that specialises in foreign exchange and cross-border payments.
http://www.forexcapital.co.za View page
FX Capital - Foreign exchange and Cross-Border Payments and Movement | FX Capital is a registered financial services provider that specialises in foreign exchange and cross-border payments.

Home Loan Financing
At Sanlam Home Loans, we are linking individual borrowers directly to the wholesale investors through a process called securitisation.
http://www.homeloans.za.com View page
Home Loans SA - Betterbond Home Loans - DebtLab Home Loans - Compare Home Building Insurance – Hassle Free & Online | Home Loans SAs top Home Loan Companies – BetterBond Homeloans, DebtLab Homeloans - Compare Home Building Insurance - Online

Loita Capital Partners
An investment banking firm focused on Africa.
http://www.loita.com View page
Loita.com's three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 3,253,498. It has been online for at least fourteen years. The site belongs to the “Financial Services” category. The site is based in South Africa.

Microsoft Corporation
Find software, solutions, answers, support, and Microsoft news.
http://www.microsoft.com View page
Microsoft Corporation | Get product information, support, and news from Microsoft.

opinion surveys on issues related to Africa
opinion surveys on issues related to Africa, consumer intuition, consumer surveys
http://www.afropinion.com View page
Afropinion's three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 23,394,020.

Payments Association of South Africa.
http://www.pasa.org.za View page
Pasa.org.za has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 1,734,222. We estimate that 93% of the site's visitors are in South Africa, where it has attained a traffic rank of 21,826. The site's visitors view 2.3 unique pages each day on average. Pasa.org.za belongs to the “Payment Associations” category of internet sites.

Portalino Fantalinks - Banks in South Africa
Banks, central bank, banknotes, credit cards and other financial sites in South Africa.
http://www.portalino.it/banks/_za.htm View page
South Africa banks | South Africa banks and financial links


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